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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where's my "Flair"?

I HEART the flea market.
There's cool old stuff. There's weird new stuff. It's a great place to people watch, to shop for bargains, and to just get out of the house and support some independent economy rather than corporate. It's also a great place to find artifacts of our history. I saw some frighteningly racist trinkets, dolls, signs, and posters. I also saw some amazingly cool pro-feminism posters. I found a sweeeeeeeet photo of Marylin Monroe looking fabulous while weightlifting... I really wanted that but couldn't see spending what they wanted for it.
I find lots of inspiration at the flea market. There's always books to be discovered. Yesterday's discovery was a sweet vintage all female erotic photography book. It had some really interesting old photos. I love really old photography. I didn't buy it and I truly wish I would have, but the seller was asking more than my budget for the day allowed and a friend who was with me grabbed it up instead, so as we decided, it stays in the family.
I was determined to get me some desk "flair" in the form of a bamboo plant, and had I bought the book I would have been sacrificing my flair. I do want my flair! I do, I do! The bamboo plant lady usually has a ton of cool bamboo in cool little planters all set up and ready to go, but yesterday she only had a tiny selection ready, none of which appealed to me. I told her what I was looking for and she hooked me up. This was better, I got to pick out my bamboo stalks, my charm, my vase, everything was custom which makes it all the better flair for my new desk.
I love my new desk by the way. It's big and roomy and in front of a window. I get to look out over Brentwood, which is nice because there's Green Hills's rolling hills in the background and the buildings that I do see are pretty and maintained, unlike the warehouse/industrial type buildings my last place of employment was built around. We aren't in the middle of the ghetto either so there's a huge difference from the last one. I don't see graffiti everywhere and hear cars bumping their bass all day followed by sirens which are usually preceded and sometimes followed by gunshots. I'm in a whole new world, and I'm loving it.
Best of all, I don't share my desk with anyone; It's mine all mine. My cubicle is huge, its like 2 of the cubicles I used to work in plus some. I have tons of storage space and tons of space period. I hate feeling claustrophobic in a teeny tiny cramped cubicle and this one is so nice and big I don't have that feeling at all. YAY.

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Jay said...

What? You get a window to look out of at work? Man, that's all I dream of. And office with a window. Oh and control of the thermostat. And maybe a hot secretary, but honestly, the thermostat control is what I really want most.

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

Jay, I whole heartedly agree...thermostat control is next to godliness. I don't even get thermostat control at home...someone else is always going behind me and changing it! LOL it's the biggest fight at our house.

Karen said...

I love our local flea market also. You can ANYTHING there and we always run in to people we I do it a lot on Sat. mornings.

KLee said...

"You know....the Nazis made Jews wear flair." That comment always floors me. In a cringe-worthy, "I hate myself for laughing at it" way.

I like the flea market in other places. Our flea market here is usually too depressing -- people selling stuff no one wants.

I wish I could keep plants, but I'm a killer. I can't keep a plant alive for more than a few hours. Thank god I do better with kids!

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

Karen, flea markets rock, i agree. we go as often as we can.
Klee, hehehehhee that line always gets me too. It's like a guilty pleasure. It's funny, and it's true, but you feel almost like you just shouldn't laugh. Have you tried succulents or cactus? They usually work pretty well for those with the not so green thumb.