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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Today's Post is Closed Captioned...

So I had my first day at my new job today, YAY!!! I think it'll be cool.
I'll fill you in more about that as I get to know more about it.
What I'm deeply concerned about at this moment in time is the misinformation being communicated to all of the deaf people watching and reading closed captioning! I am astonished at the poor editing job being done there. Astonished and appalled! I watched the closed captioning incorrectly translate " ...with aging our bodies become less able to absorb calcium..." to "...our bodies become more able to absorb..." Now all the deaf people watching that commercial may be misled into thinking that they can stop drinking milk as they get older. The other day it said blue when the person actually said red, and I keep seeing that it actually misses whole sentences! I don't really know why we still have the closed captioning on. Wifey-poo did it while watching Telemundo and decided to keep it on, why I don't know. Personally, it's quite distracting to me, obviously. I can't really remember what happened on the L Word or Big Brother or Survivor for that matter. I just keep focusing on all the typos and left out sentences, wondering what the deaf people think that conversation is really about and do they have anyone telling them that the closed captioning is lying to them. It just seems unfair. Wifey-poo said I should chill because deaf people can read lips but what about the voice overs that get screwed up? Why am I so concerned? Because I'm probably going to loose my hearing one day and be dependent on closed captioning and when that day comes, I want there to be accuracy in my captions! And if I demand it for me in the very, very, very distant future (like probably a week before I die) then we can certainly demand it for the ones who are dependent on it today!
Then again, maybe that therapist was right after all... maybe I do have O.C.D. and am just obsessing over this for no reason.
Pfffft! Naah! What was I thinking?!

not a good picture of my picture but here it is... in all it's awkwardness..

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Jay said...

I was sitting in a waiting room one time and they had the closed captioning on their tv and I was amazed at how bad it was. It was very distracting cause I knew that wasn't what the people on the show were saying.

I never thought of turning on closed captioning on Telemundo. That's brilliant! LOL

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm with Jay...never thought of that.

I didn't know you were a mermaiden!?

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

Jay- it wasn't so brilliant after all, it still puts everything in spanish, but if you can read spanish better than understand it when they are speaking a million miles a min. then it works out pretty good!

Real Live- I have lots of tricks! LOL...mermaids grace a wall in almost every room of our house. I think maybe they are my spirit guide or something. The wife would probably like me to find a new obsession, but painting them makes me happy.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Mermaids are cool--very fun. Wonderful stories and ideas. Maybe you were a mermaid in another life? LOL! Or a spirit guide.

I used to work with deaf people, they had a terrible time figuring out what was going on.

Karen said...

I keep the close caption on when I was watching tv in bed and I didn't want to keep Mark up. But my laughing ususally woke him up anyway. I never thought about waht I was missing.