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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rebel Yell

I have hand-me-down tupperware. A friend gave it to me back in the day when I certainly needed it and could not afford even the Dollar General Store kind. It was given to her and she passed it on to me. It was much appreciated then and still is today. The tupperware however does have labels on it from someone else's admirable ability to be so organized.
There's a huge container marked "flour", one marked "coffee", a smaller one marked "sugar" there's even one marked "marshmallows"!! I've kept it empty until I get some marshmallows to put in it, yum. I mean, who doesn't like a marshmallow every now and then?

All in all I respect anyone who can adhere to such labels, there is a degree of commitment that must be commended. I on the other hand find it fun to put sugar in the "coffee" container and rice in the "flour" one. I have to confess that I do have Rice Chex in the "cereal" container, but only because it's the perfect size. Today I had to giggle a bit when I realized that I have celery in the "baking mix" container. Not for the nonconformist aspect. I've adapted to myself being an anti-establishment poster child. No, what made me giggle like a school girl was that someone actually at some point put baking mix into a tupperware container rather than keeping it in the box that it comes in. Does baking mix need to be kept in tupperware? And if so, what did they do with the recipes on the back of the box that tell you how to use that baking mix? Organizational skills, being something that I lack, can be a funny thing. I admire them, I wish I had more of them, yet when they are placed in my face, labels and containers ready for storage, what do I do? I rebel!

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Karen said...

um...your fridge is a way too organized! Are you expecting MTV to stop over to do a episode of cribs? My celery is in a zip lock bag thrown on a random shelf. The only time I remember to put it in water is during the holiday time when my grandma is likely to come over and snoop.

I am jealous.

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

hehehe...well, in all fairness, I have been out of work for like a month should see my cleaning supplies cabinet!

Jay said...

I dont' think I've ever bout any tupperware. Most of mine is stuff I kept after my sister sent some leftovers home with me. And the old butter tubs that I ran through the dishwasher and use as "tupperware-like."

I don't use old Cool Whip tubs are bowls though, I swear! LOL

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

I've used cool whip tubs as bowls many a time! Actually my use of left over egg drop soup bowls from the chinese delivery place is what prompted the charitable gift from my friend :)