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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Little Beauties? or Tiny Tragedies?

Last night VH1 ran a documentary called Little Beauties: Ultimate Kiddie Queen Showdown. Macey is quite the channel surfer and landed there somehow. I was literally nauseated by what I saw. I am not in the dark about these pageants, I have family members who participated in the mess. I have never understood and have chosen to do what my good catholic upbringing taught me to do with things that made me uncomfortable...ignore it and it will go away.
I was forced to watch last night due to my unwillingness to wrestle the remote away from the wife. Actually it was more of the train wreck syndrome. Awful as it was, I couldn't turn away. I just could not fathom how a mother could or why she would put her daughter in that situation.
I think that these mothers must have been pageant girls and just don't know any other way? That's no excuse. It's like the abuse cycle. At some point someone has to stand up and say " this stops here, my children will not endure it"
Anyways, I wrote about what I saw on tv... you can see it at my
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KLee said...

I know what you mean -- it's like rubbernecking at the site of an horrific car accident: you can't look away, but you know you should, and you hate yourself a little for not being able to tear your gaze from it.

I remember thinking how manipulative and repulsive the idea of child pageants were when the whole JonBenet Ramsey thing was happening. Here's this whole subculture that not only emphasizes the "you MUST be pretty!" idea of plastic perfection, but also wraps it all in a disturbing pseudo-sexual package. All I can think of when I see those things on TV is "How many skeezy perverts are watching this now and trolling for a victim?" Makes my blood boil.

Thanks for the interesting food for thought. And for your recent comment at my place!