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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Bad Ex

This blog is like that bad ex you can't get out of your head. Every now and then you bump into each other and sparks fly again. Before you know it you've jumped in, head first, and are starting to think, "Yeah! This time I'll make it work!"  Eventually, you each recess back into the shadows of the forgotten until the next chance encounter.
I can't help it, I still hold out hope for this place, this thing, this blog.
Hope that I'll find what I'm looking for through it.
Hope that we'll improve each other.
Hope that you'll enjoy coming here.
And that's all any of us are looking for in this life, right? Hope.
I've lived my life filled with hope, and I've lived my life utterly and completely hopeless. And now I'm cycling back to hopefulness.
I don't really know where this blog is going, but it's been with me a long time now, and like myself, I think it has a pretty good way to go yet. I think we'll try to keep each other company for the next leg of the journey. Are you in?

2 cookies cracked:

Reb said...

I'm in! I feel the same way about mine. I have been keeping it going through my cousins "Photo Finish Fridays" and even that I miss sometimes.

Fortune Cookies said...

Thanks, Reb! I think you are the only remaining reader of this blog, but I'll keep coming back if you will :) I always loved your posts on the photo challenge days...those were fun!