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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Operation: Explore Cleveland

Yesterday The Wifester and I loaded the pups into the car and headed out to explore this great city. Our house only has one window unit a/c, and we haven't worked another one into our budget yet. Needless to say, with record high temps, our house gets HOT during the middle part of the day. It's good this way, it gets us out more than if it were nice and cool and comfy, where we'd end up sitting on the sofa watching a movie or something. I love how we get out and do so much more these days.

I think a lot of that has to do with her getting away from the hell hole of a job that kept her exhausted and beaten down, physically and mentally. Losing that job and getting away from that tyrant of a boss was the best thing that ever happened to her, to us.

But back to our day-
We had fun. And the pups finally got to feel some cool air on their faces, which stopped the incessant panting, panting, panting that was making the house smell boldly of dog breath. There are many foul smells that can ruin a home, and dog breath is surely near the top of that list.

We rode no more than 3 miles before we found a new park that neither of us knew existed. See what happens when you take that yet unexplored street?  And what a park we found! Oh, the grass was a bit tall, and there was more litter than I usually find at Cleveland area parks, but the view of the city was phenomenal.

photo by Macey Biddlecombe ©2012

I love exploring, and I love discovering hidden gems. 
How about you? Have you explored your city lately? What have you found that you never knew was there? 

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Reb said...

Having your house smell like dog breath is not something that Glade will ever try to package I'm sure. It is good though to get out and explore your city. Glad you found a new park.