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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Of Blind Girls and Dog Poo

Though I'm likely never to forget that Memorable Memorial Day of 2008, each year I try to put it behind me a little more and a little more. Today I need to prepare the yard for the Wifester to cut the grass, and in an instant I am taken back to those horrible memories.
But almost as horrific as that day, that scene, is the realization that I, the "blind girl", have the duty of going into the yard to scoop the dog poop. And mind you, we have a new upstairs neighbor who also has a lab mix, Daisy. So my job is to locate, extract, and dispose of the pooh of three quite large dogs, all while doing my best to avoid stepping in any of it. If I keep my head down and my eyes on the ground, I can see my feet, but not both at the same time, so that window is pretty small. Or rather the window of opportunity for a smelly disaster is quite large. Either way, it is not a job I am eager to embark upon. Hence my presence here, with you instead. Oh, I tell myself that I am waiting on the coffee to kick in, but the truth is I am, simply and honestly, procrastinating.
Don't get me wrong, I love being in the yard. I love to garden and till and plant...but the minefield that is our yard is treacherous to navigate, even for a fully sighted person. Still, the job must be done, and since I apparently can not, nor do I want to be trusted with the task of mowing the yard, especially after what I saw on that Memorable Memorial Day, I suppose my contribution is limited to me putting my big girl panties on and heading outside to scoop the poop. Besides, I do have the Cadillac of poop scoopers. 

See. Isn't that nice? My hands get to stay clean. Hopefully, if I'm very, very careful, so will my feet.

What's on your agenda today? Yard work? Barbecue? Both?

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Reb said...

I managed to train mine to poo in one spot, behind the garage where nothing grows anyway. I think with a bit of incentive all the dogs could be trained to go only in one spot, it would make life easier for all of you. Put some small gravel along the fence at one end of the yard maybe? Oh and you could ask the upstairs neighbour to take turns cleaning up with you, after all her dog contributes to the mess.