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Monday, May 28, 2012

Unsung Heroes

Memorial Day has become a day of barbecues, beer, and swimming pools. We've extended a weekend and given ourselves yet another excuse to party and have a great time, but have we forgotten what Memorial Day is really about? How often do we actually stop and think about all the men, women, animals...everyone who has fought and served our country? Many of which have given the ultimate sacrifice.

And maybe we do stop to think about the soldier...but how many of us think about the truly unsung heroes? Most soldiers are happy to go into combat. That is what separates them from the rest of us. They may be afraid to die, but they know deep within themselves that this is the job they signed up for, and they feel a true duty to their country, their countrymen and women to be there on the front lines to protect us. Sometimes they chose to go into service hoping they will never see wartime, but electing that service as the most promising option to advance their education or career...Sometimes they are coerced by family or friends to make that choice, but always it is a choice.

Not so for the truly unsung heroes.

Dogs, horses, even dolphins are chosen to serve our country, and more and more are losing their lives for us. Worse yet, they survive and are traumatized by the horrors of war. They live with fear, anxiety, depression. They have PTSD, only these poor creatures didn't get a choice that was fair. They didn't know that doing their job, obeying their commands, would place them in such harm's way. They only want to please their human counterparts. They don't get the option of choosing to place their lives on the line in combat situations. We take it upon ourselves to choose them. This Memorial Day, think about all the creatures of this planet who have given so much of themselves in order to preserve your freedom to grill burgers and drink beer by the pool.

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