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Monday, April 13, 2009

In which I pimp my pup and WWC P and Favorite Movie

Remember when I said I was going organic with the SunnyDog's food? Well, I did it. and I thought I'd give you an update on her status since then.
For starters, her allergies are so much better, sure, I still have to give her the occasional benadryl, but its nothing like it used to be where she had to take it every single day. Her once red and inflamed skin is back to a healthy pink again. And even better yet, she acts almost like a puppy again. I have thought, for the last three years, that Sunny's best days had passed her. I know, that sounds so negative, but it's the truth. I don't think that anymore. I really see her energized and full of life again. No, she's not miraculaously a puppy again, I mean, she is still an 8 year old lab, but she sure acts like a young pup much more often these days. She actually goes to the kitchen and barks at the refridgerator when it's breakfast and dinner time. She's figured it out now and heaven forbid I fill her bowl 5 minutes late...I most certainly will hear about it. She never did that with any commercial food we ever tried her on. Not even the ones that made gravy.
And her treats? Forgettaboutit! Sunny goes wild for a Sunny Dog Snack! There is only one treat I've ever found her to react like this to; Puppy-Crack. No, not really crack, it's that chicken jerkey stuff. She goes ape-shit over them. But put one of my whole wheat, rolled oats, bacon, spinach, herb treats and let there be no question over which one Sunny goes for first. That's why I call them Sunny-Dog Snacks. Like Scooby's snacks that could get him to do anything, SunnyDog's snacks illicit tricks I've long since forgotten she knows long before I even turn around from retrieving one from the jar.
Wifester's aunt placed an order of them for her pooch, and our friend Cole, who has two dogs brings them over for snacks. They all love em.

I'm glad to be able to make food that makes such a difference in the SunnyDog's quality of life, but I really love that she loves it so much too. That's the selfish part of the reward. I got inspired and made a site for the Sunny Dog. I played around with my new Photoshop suite and put some of my classes to use and made a logo for her treats too. I only had to request help once, from our friend, LSP. (Thanks LSP for helping me get those letters worked out!) She's a really cool graphic designer. She makes SnowBird. (We still need to get together to play with clay and bake some oatmeal, craisin, white chocolate cookies! )

See him? Aint he cute? That's LSP's work!
Amazing, huh? I sure can't do it.

Anyhoodle, here's my logo

Isn't that cute? Not too bad, if I do say so myself. So if you want some SunnyDog snacks for your own pooch, you can order some from me and I'll bake em up, fresh to order. Check it out. And, if you mention this blog post with your order, I'll throw in an extra treat just for you!

Oh, and I almost forgot! It's WWC time again!

This week's challenge, brought to us by the traveling Tink, of Pickled Beef, is to present our photo interpretations of "P" and "Favorite Movie", that Tink, she's a real slick one. She likes to make us work for these, you see.
I didn't come up with a whole lot of photos, so I decided presentation would be more important, so I made you a nice little album to look at. Cut me some slack, will yah? I've been busy cooking Sunny treats! Anyways, enjoy the show. And if you want to join the fun, go visit Tink for all the info.

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Jay said...

The Sunny Dog Snacks sound awesome!

Great job on the WWC too.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Sunny is such a beauty!

Karen said...

Just a suggestion but do a little research on trademark and file the paperwork for SunnyDog Snacks. It isn't very expensive and who know where the future will land you.

If you want some help with links (I am sadly not an IP expert by any means), I can help you out.

Or maybe I am thinking too much like a lawyer, huh?

fiwa said...

Wow - that's great to hear that she has responded so well to the homemade dog food.

And your pictures were great - it's quality, not quantity, that counts!

kcinnova said...

Karen's right, you should TM your stuff! I'm glad to hear the organic is helping SunnyDog. No one likes to feel crummy. (Karen knows a bit about that, too!)

I LOVE that you named your plant Gladys. That is a such a funny movie/play/musical!!

Reb said...

Sunny Dog Snacks is a great name, follow Karen's advise though.

I knew there had to be someone else that liked Little Shop of Horrors!

Real Live Lesbian said...

YAY! I'm so glad she's feeling better.

Trace and Isaac want to visit now...and it has nothing to do with those TREATS!!! ;)

Great job on the website!

Aunt Jackie said...

I love the shells... Lovely work!

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

sounds like you've got a great product. i dont have a dog but might get them for myself. yum

Tink said...

What do I comment on first? :)

The logo is awesome. I'm tickled that you're doing this. Good for you! That ivy plant in your house is crazy. I can't even get an aloe plant to grow. Hehe.