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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who's the Most SPOILEDEST Puppy in the World?????

Photo by Wifester

Not only does the Sunny dog get her own toy bin, full of toys
** ahem...well, usually full unless she's pulled them all out to play with...**
And not only does she have two mommas who love her more than anything in the world.
A..n..d........not only does her momma make her fresh, organic, preservative free, antibiotic free, dye free food
But she ALSO gets her own organic, whole wheat, yummy, yummy snacks too!

This is her new batch. These are whole wheat, spinach and herb. She LOVES them. They were supposed to have bacon, but well, lets just say that didn't quite work the way I wanted it to.
There was a house full of smoke involved, smoke alarms, and a now blackened glass skillet lid.
That's ok, though, she doesn't know they are missing the bacon. She gobbles them up with such enthusiasm, it's hard to believe how cheap and easy they are to make! I can't believe we waited so long to start doing this for the Sunny dog!

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fiwa said...

I love that picture! Sweet puppy.

Jessica said...

haha, I love that--she doesn't know she's missing the bacon! Too cute!