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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Per Ben's Request

early works, posted because Ben, from Both Sides of Ben, asked to see them since I mentioned them over at his place...

These two are very understated, simplistic.
I've always loved Picasso's Femme

and because of it, I just wanted to do my version, in a sort of tribute to the great master. Not that I could ever try to compare...He wins, hands down of course. I just wanted my twist on it.

Then, still inspired by the simplicity of those lines, I did this:

all of these were my solution to some moldy, old and ugly prints from the thrift store. Back before Wifester was in my life, I had some pretty lean times. My choices would literally be either buy groceries or pay rent. But rarely could I do both. During those times, I often spent .50 -1.00 at the thrift stores on things like these that I could paint over to create art for myself, that's when I wasn't going through a dry spell of not painting at all. Paint costs money and back then, it was quite rare that I could even afford it.
When I got these, they had oriental prints that had seen much better days. I had to bleach them to kill the mold, scrub them to get the years of grime, and scrape them to slough off all of that funky combination just to get a base that I could work on.

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Jessica said...

Beautiful work!

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

these are lovely. did you have a model? thanks for posting them

Fortune Cookies said...

Jessica Thanks!

Ben thank you so much. No model...just going on memory ;)

Knight said...

Wow. I love it.

Fortune Cookies said...

Knight Thanks! And thanks for stopping by here...come on back anytime!