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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Green Puppy

So a while back The Wifester and I discussed the benefits of going organic and home made with the Sunny-dog's food. The reasons are many and varied all have her best health in mind. I blogged extensively about it here. I've since then made some batches of organic, fresh Sunny-dog approved treats and daily food too. So far she loves the home made treats even better than the commercial store bought ones and same for the food.
I've noticed that she actually does eat smaller portions since she's actually getting nutrients rather than so much filler, and she really really does have smaller poops. The books I've read said this happens because the food I'm feeding her are almost completely digestible while the commercial foods contain so much filler and preservatives that their bodies have to get rid of that stuff via the poop...Makes sense to me.

I've tried the treats with some friends pups and so far have had rave reviews. I think Sunny's treat is definately going to be a staple. I cooked up a new batch of food for this week for her. This one smelled so good! I wanted to taste it! I mean, it's just ground turkey, potatoes, bacon, spinach, broccoli, green beans, rice, and some puppy safe seasonings like rosemary and oregano. I don't add any salt, I think the bacon covers that element. Pups don't need a lot of sodium. The vets said the spinach provides lots of nutrients that are good for her bones, her hips, and her eyes. The rosemary helps keep her liver and pancreas healthy, and I found glucosamine supplement to add to it so it can help with her aging hips. Sunny has never been so happy. She has started picking out the dry food that I've been mixing the new food with, and spitting it on the floor beside her bowl! Only eating the fresh cooked food. Brat! I suppose it's time to finish weening her off the commercial stuff all together. This morning I fed her home cooked only. She wagged her tail the entire time she ate. And she didn't look up until it was gone. Usually she walks away and looks to see if anyone else has something they are willing to share with her. Not now. I like that I have varrying recipes for her too, so she can have a variety. I mean, I'd so hate to eat the same meal every single day of my life.

And you know what? She already looks better. Her eyes are shinier, her coat is shinier. She does seem less itchy.
Hooray for organic home made doggie food!

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Stacey said...

My own sunny dog gets real food, we've fed him like this for nearly 8 years. He was a very sick little puppy (due to his food) but is doing great now!

Ms Cupcake said...

Sending best doggie wishes to you and your beloved pet.

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Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

even her eyes are shinier????

Jessica said...

hmm, I might starting doing that too! My tiny dog is such a picky eater.