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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Grandma Appropriate Art

The Wifester told me her Grandma requested a painting for Christmas.
That's sweet that she wants one, but I'm thinking how do I make sure to get something of quality done and dried before CHRISTMAS? I do my best with oils, but there's no way that'll dry in time...
Before the thought can even finish crossing my mind, The Wifester chimes in with,
"No naked mermaids with big, buxom breasts hanging out OK? It's for Grandma, so think flowers, not Jesus hanging from hypodermic syringes, you got that?!"
Really? Does my darling Wifester really not trust that I know how to make a Grandma appropriate painting? Hurumph.

I guess I better get off of here and into that studio room...Where's my acrylics?

4 cookies cracked:

Jay said...

IDK, I think maybe a naked chick pole dancing would be perfect for grandma. Well, not MY grandmother, but some grandmas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Know this grandma. What a great request!

Kathy T. said...

Hilarious! I hope you post a picture of the finished artwork!!

Aunt Jackie said...

Dang lol!!! Funny.

Yes I agree post a photo of the finished work.

You guys really inspire me to try and get back to it. I hate myself for being so lackadaisical about my art now. :(

It's still in there, I feel it. If "The Man" doesn't kill it.