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Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Dogs

Long lost BFF:"Do you remember that dog we used to visit, Geppetto, we knew his owner...some guy..."
me: " I remember Geppetto!! Yeah, we used to go over to that guy's house to see Geppetto. What was that guy's name?"
LLBFF: " I don't remember. But I remember Geppetto."
me: "Yeah, me too. ..And I remember that one dog we used to know named D-O-G."
LLBFF: "Oh yeah! I remember D-O-G! But I don't remember who owned him either."

What stuck out about Geppetto and D-O-G for LLBFF and I? We both remembered that both of those dogs were always outside all alone, and we felt sorry for them. Whenever we went to visit we always played with those dogs, and they were always so happy for the attention. It was like it was the best day of that dog's week when we went over and played with him.

I guess I've always been like that. I've always thought quite a bit more of the animals in my life than I have of the people around me. Maybe it's because they offer such unconditional, unconstrained love. Maybe it's because they don't know political lines, religious affiliations, social status or ethnic prejudice. All they see is another creature who lives and breathes.

I think we could all learn a little bit about life, love, and acceptance from the Geppettos and D-O-Gs around us.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

I know, and dogs are so cuddly too :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Well you're talking to the girl who has 2 Dog sons and 1 Cat son now. Wow we're a family of 5!! hahaha.

My new one is running me crazy, but it's fun... I'll post more pics of him soon.

Jeanne said...

Have you seen the "God and Dog" video/song yet? I suspect you would enjoy it. (BTW -- as a grandma, I totally trust your good taste and discretion in creating G(randma) rated art!