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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye 2009

This year has been a true adventure. I lost a job, I started a small business, I was on the news and two new nephews were born.
I've built several web sites, learned a bit of JavaScript, designed my own logo and sold a few paintings. Hell, we've even adopted a puppy!
All in all it's been a fun learning experience, trying but fun.
I never really know what each new year will hold, but I always have expectations of a better year than the one prior. This year that certainly holds true. In the past, I've withheld from verbalizing any New Year's resolutions out of a sense that somehow that is setting myself up for a failure, or setting an unobtainable goal or otherwise self sabotaging. This year I am going to break tradition and prescribe some clear and concise plans for 2010. My primary goal for the new year is to improve my income and establish myself and my business in a substantially more profitable manner and to continue to move toward a more healthy and active lifestyle.
I want to find more time to paint, although I am hesitant to say that because last year I promised to find more time to blog, yet I actually blogged less than the year prior. I want to spend more time with watercolor and work on my blending technique with oils. I want to be able to paint more abstractly and let go of that need for control of every single detail. Yes, I know I tend to be a control freak. I'm working on that too.
I want to see my marriage continue to flourish in the new year, and that means a dedication to it and a commitment to nurturing that relationship between the Wifester and I. I never want to take for granted the love and adoration that we share.
I want to make sure that I continue to cultivate other relationships in my life, too. Like with my nieces, for example. I am committed to spending more time getting to know them better as people, and not just as those two kids that I sometimes see.
I miss knowing my cousins, too. I alienated myself from everyone for so long that I hardly know them anymore, not that I knew them all that well to begin with.
I am committed to maintaining a fully organic diet both for the Wifester and I and for our pups.
And again, I am determined to spend more time with my blog, and even have plans to revamp it and redesign it.
I know you've heard that before, and I can certainly understand any skepticism, but I feel that after I've completed school this year, I'll have much more time to commit to these things.
So, that's about it, in a nutshell.
What are your plans for the new year?

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Reb said...

Those sound like wonderful goals and I am sure you will accomplish them all.

Me? I plan to work on getting healthy habits ingrained into my lifestyle.

Camlin said...

For me: more writing, and gathering the courage to submit more of my work. I want to improve my diet by focusing on fresh, local, organic food. Spend more time with the people I love...and get out there a bit more....