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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Spaces and WWC

Shhh! Listen closely. Do you hear it? The sound of incessant bitching and moaning? No, it's not the presidential candidates, it's my team at work. The new boss-man made us move our desks closer to his office. You'd think the company removed the Flavia coffee station or something. Eh, I don't mind the move, really. I can still see out a window, I have a bigger cubicle, and hell, I still have a job. That's better than some have it, right?
So moving to a new space gave me opportunity to reorganize my stuff, which, if you know me, is a true task. Orginizational skills are something that I was not, shall we say, blessed with. Oh, I keep my work stuff pretty on track, but I always feel a bit scattered. I'm just not a very lineal thinker, I guess. I kinda like moving to a new space. I hate the packing and the unpacking, but the idea of a fresh new space to inhabit is exciting to me. Like a chance to start anew. Lets see what we can do with this one. Am I weird for that? I don't really care if I am. I'm relatively sure I'm weird for a lot of things. Enjoying new spaces would be least on the list.
Anywhoodle, today is Tuesday, and that means....
Stop! WWC Time!
Yes, kiddies, once again, Tink, over at Pickled Beef, proposed a perplexing perdiciment when she provided the words Plain and Adorned. I was up for the challenge, however, since Santa Clause has yet to bring that camera to the Wifester early, like I asked, I'm back to shooting WWC's with my phone. Forgive the poor quality for just a tad bit longer? Thanks! You guys are the bestest!
Here's my interpretation of Plain & Adorned:

Plain Desk

Adorned Desk

Plain Canvas
Adorned Canvas

The words for next week are:

Hope you play along!

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Jessica said...

I love all the plants that are on your desk! :) And your painting is wonderful!

fiwa said...

Nope - that's not weird. I like new spaces too. Good for you for making the most of what is going on at work. That's the best attitude to have.

I like the adorned desk - all the plants look so nice. Are you the painter? I like it!

Anonymous said...

Not weird at all. A fresh start is a welcome change - now if I could just control the paper clutter!!
The painting makes me happy. You (yes, you??) chose joyful colors.

Anonymous said...

Not weird at all! A fresh start is nearly always welcome. Now if I could just control the paper clutter, my desk might look a tiny bit like your work station...
Great painting! You (yes, you??) chose such joyful colors.

Karen said...

Moving is sometimes the only way reorganize. You need to start from scratch.

g-man said...

You are not weird (for that anyway). Starting anew can be refreshing. Good job on the WWC! Did you paint that? Even more kudos if you did!

Hope Santa comes early for your sake :)

Jay said...

Well, you might be weird, but not for that reason. ;-)

I love the plain and adorned canvas. Really beautiful painting.

Chatty said...

Very nice indeed - love the plain canvas/adorned canvas! And hey, your bamboo is sure doing well considering it lives in an office - mine was living on the guest bathroom counter and the leaves have all gone yellow, so I've moved it to the kitchen counter by the window. Do I dare remove the yellow leaves? Will they grow back?

Tink said...

*SIGH* You're always downing your pictures for no good reason. I love the idea behind the shots. As for my desk, there are parts that haven't seen the light since 2004.

Reb said...

A little change is good for the soul. And it can help clear out the cobweb and clutter. I love the photos or your desk and your painting it truly wonderful!

tt said...

You paint?? Seriously? Wow..I'm always in awe of people with artistic talent. thanks for sharing that part of you..

I love starting anew...clears out the cobwebs that gather everywhere...desk, grape..plants...everywhere. :)

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm lovin' the plants too! I love a new, fresh start. Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Fortune Cookies said...

Jessica - I'm a green kinda girl, gotta have my jungle around me at work and home. :)

fiwa- I like to try to keep a positive attitude. Yes, the painting is mine, and thank you!

kcinnova- paper clutter is a fact of life, for me anyways.
yes, the painting is mine, thank you! As one friend told me once, "You have a color pallett all your own!" I never really knew if that was good or bad, I'll take it as joyful= good. :)

karen- very true

gman- hey now! ;) thanks for the kudos, I hope santa comes early too!

jay - i think we could spend a LOT of time on the things that make me weird...thanks about the painting.

chatty - that seems to be the popular one this round. lucky bamboo does well in low light areas, so the office is prime, supposedly. I've emailed you about your bamboo, be sure to keep me informed on the progress!

tink- yeah, that's what I do, self-deprecate daily. you may have some dust zombies in those nether-regions of your desk!

reb - i agree! a change really can do you good!

tt - i try, you should check the "my art" link, there's some more of, well, my art. :) thanks so much for the compliments!

rll - yeppers, fresh starts feel good. I never understood people who resist change with every fiber of their being.

Mandy said...

I am with you on the excitment on moving and fixing up new spaces .. very refreshing!!

and dude, your phone takes good pictures:)

and I LOVE the colors in your painted canvas!!

and WOW a window view ...