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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For the Dogs & the much missed WWC!

Saturday, Wifester and I took the Sunny-dog and met up with our friends L & N (and their 3 pooches, Reba the doberman, Wiskey the pit-bull mix, and Cha-Cha, the chihuahua ) at the doggie park. It was great fun, but in watching the pups wrestle around and mingle with all the others, promptly and sometimes obsessively sniffing butts, I was struck with the thought that I am certainly grateful that we don't have the same social graces as our K9 counterparts. At least most of us don't.
It was an exciting day and the Sunny-dog is still recovering her energy. She actually left the comfort and protection of Wifester and I and played a bit this time. I call that progress. We'll take every little bit of progress we can muster. The last time we took her there, she sat between the two of us shivering the whole time. Afraid to go play with anyone. This time, she made friends and took it upon herself to be mama-hen to a couple of really cute little puppies that were rambumctious and awfully sweet. If I could have fit them in my pockets, and snuck out without their parent's seeing, they'd of both come home with me, let there be no doube in your mind.
And it got me to thinking. Sunny needs a puppy at home to play with. She really does. I think she'd love to play mama to a little puppy! And besides that, she'll teach the pup all she knows and who better to learn from than the best dog in the world?
I know, I know...I'm just practicing my pitch for Wifester, you understand. If I bat my eyelashes a lot, and say it extra sweetly, it just might work. I'll keep you posted.
On to the WWC!
It's been three weeks since I've participated in the Weekly Words Challenge!( Brought to us by the soon to be married, Tink, of Pickled Beef) If you want to join the WWC posse' go see her, she'll get you in the saddle.
I'm such a slacker. Sorry for the inconsistency and lack of commitment. If you could see the flow charts I'm being asked to make for this horrendous programing class, you'd understand.
This week's words are Me & Them.



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Reb said...

Great pictures! I think that you have sound reasoning to get a puppy for Sunny! Sorry to see you are still all bandaged up, hope you heal quick.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Oh yay and go doggies!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great pics! I'm lovin' that tongue that's *almost* in your ear! What a happy looking smile!

Tink said...

I think getting a puppy is a great idea! I vote for a Rat Terrier. Then again, I'm bias. :)

Great pictures! I'm glad you played. I've missed you.

Karen said...

Doggie play dates sound like fun!

g-man said...

Dog parks can be a lot of fun I hear. Bummer on your fingers though, (bad stove). Excellent pictures as usual. Good for you for going pink for October. I am doing may part if you are interested in helping :)

Anndi said...

Our beagle changed when we brought another dog into the house. Although I currently regret having two dogs.

I love the pics!

Are the fingers healing well?

Jessica said...

I love it when my doggies get to interact with others. It is so interesting to see the differences in personalities. I have one, Buddy who like Sunny-dog is a bit skittish. It's rare that he leaves our sides for a even a second,and when he does, he always looks back to make sure we aren't leaving.

Jessica said...

Ha-and I forgot to add that I have another dog(Rufus)He is the smaller of the two...who is not afraid of anyone or anything. Which is sometimes a scary prospect. lol

fiwa said...

I love the dog park! You can't help but be happy there - watching the dogs.

Hi me! Hi them! Love your pictures. :)

Chatty said...

Love the picture of you! What's with the bandaged paw, though? What did you DO, FC? Obviously I have been lax reading your blog. I'm so sorry.
And, I TOTALLY AGREE that your baby should have a baby of her own to play with. It gives dogs a new lease on life to have a playmate/baby to train. Seriously. Our neighbors have an elderly basset hound. She was totally bored with life, and sick a lot of the time. They brought in an OBNOXIOUS puppy, who bounced around, nipped at her, stole her food and toys, jumped on her head in the middle of the night and basically drove her CRAXY for the first few weeks. However, it's been several months now, and Lucy the basset hound hasn't had to go to the vet for pain, she struts around the block and then some, where she used to pant after 100 feet, she has the puppy TOTALLY under control, and he worships her. Lucy babsolutley has a new lease on life. I kid you NOT - they thought they were going to have to put her to sleep, because she seemed so miserable. But, they got her a puppy instead, and the rest is history.
DO consider a puppy.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you, I mean Sunny-dog, needs a puppy, QUICK!!

Sometimes I think my cat needs a friend, but we like it quiet around here...

tt said...

about 4 years ago I decided our wee little chihuahua needed a little sister..someone to keep her company and play with...Gracious sakes...Panda, the new one, completely took over and now bosses her older sister around. lol
Good luck with the 'sales pitch'.

Mandy said...

love the pictures ... sometimes I want to borrow a dog just to take it on walks and stuff BUT I dont want a dog full time!!!!