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Friday, October 10, 2008

Crispy Cookies & The Blame Game

First, I'll start out by saying I'm sorry for such sporadic posting lately. My new class is atrocious and I'm struggling to maintain my GPA.
On top of that, there has been turmoil at work; my boss was fired without warning. She was a good boss. No, let me reiterate, a GREAT boss. Probably one of the best bosses I've ever worked for in my life. It was shocking, and scary. My company is closely related to the financial industry, and with all the shit hitting the fan, I expected us to have some fall out, but...
Anyways, on top of that, I was assured that my position was safe, in fact, I was asked to take on some extra responsibilities and am now being trained on some new software and will be doing a different part of the job, in addition to my current stack of stuff. I don't mind the extras, it tells me that they see me as capable and competent. It's just been, well, hectic.
The icing on the cake is last night, as I prepared to cook dinner for the Wifester and myself, I did the stupidest thing. No, I didn't cast an early vote for McCain. OK, so I did the penultimate intelligent thing. Here, let me show you what I mean:

Ah, feel the burn? I sure as hell did!
Let me tell you about it. See, we have a stove with a wonky burner, in which I mean, the coiley-eye part tends to pop out of the socket thingy and wobble, making it awkward to cook on. It truly drives me nuts. So being somewhat hurried, as I was last night, I turned the burner on, turned my back on the stove and grabbed a pan, turned back around and then noticed that the burner was lopsided, and promptly reached down to plug it firmly into place...That's when I heard the sound of me, being cooked! Immediately after that, the synapses had aparently fired enough to signals to finally tell me "This HURTS LIKE HELL!" I peeled my hand off of the burner and commenced to littering the kitchen with expletatives that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. These are the times that I'm most appreciative to be married to a nurse.
So here I sit, hunting and pecking, like a keyboard novice. Fingers throbbing. I need a flat top stove. Or a gas range.
Yeah. So on to what has me ranting today...
I was reading an article from the Boston Globe, about how the Republicans are trying to pin voter fraud cases on Obama. It discusses the ACORN group saying that they have come under fire for irregularities in at least eight states, including Nevada, where voter cards for the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys were turned in to local election officials. They also say that McCain's campaign" has been trumpeting links between the organization and Obama dating back 13 years". The link? When Obama was a lawyer, in private practice in 1995, he and two other lawyers from his firm represented ACORN in a successful suit that forced the state of Illinois to comply with a federal law that made it easier to register to vote.

Never did they mention that on four occasions in the past when ACORN was accused of voter fraud, there were 300 persons registered as Republican voters posing as ACORN employees across the country turning in obviously falsified voter registration cards bearing such names as "Jive Turkey" and "Colonel Sanders". They also neglected to inform their readers that in battleground states, thousands of registrations are being purged for no legitimate reason. The majority of which, were the registrations of Democrats.
The truly sickening partg is that these people are throwing up Red Flags and claiming acts of sabotage that were actually conducted by themselves, then trying to place blame on someone else. It doesn't surprise me though. Just makes me want to puke.
And everytime I hear this Ayers connection talk? I want to yell, "but McCain's Veep is sleeping with a member of an anti-American seperatist party who wants to secede from the United States and who's motto is "Alaska First" and Sarah Palin herself, spoke at and welcomed this group earlier this year. Telling them what a great job they were doing". But that's never brought up. She's the one with America's best interest at heart. Sure.

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Mandy said...


go for the gas stove ... I want one REALLY bad and I HATE my flat top .. H.A.T.E. ...although I guess I would take it over a coil one ..

that must have been very unsettling at work with the boss thing ... but congrats on the extra work!!

Jessica said...

Aw, your poor fingers. :(
That sucks about your boss being fired. It seems like the good people always get canned.

About the politics...I just can't read anything anymore. I don't know what to believe and I'm sooo disenchanted with both candidates. They treat the citizens of America like they're idiots. Talking down to us, and not giving us real details about anything they stand for.

Sorry about the rant! :)
Hope you have a good weekend.

Reb said...

Um, you might want to stick to electric and get the flat top. I'd hate to imagine what you could do with gas ;)

I am glad the wifester is a nurse too. Hope you heal up quickly.

I am so sick of politics, we vote on Tuesday, but we still have to hear all about yours. Of course you at least have a candidate that is worth voting for.

Anndi said...

*sends cooling healing thoughts for the fingers*

I'm sorry about your boss. Kudos for being tapped with new responsabilities!

The politics.. I can't stand it anymore. UGH!

fiwa said...

Your poor fingers! Thinking about that burning feeling makes me feel nauseous - I hope they heal quickly. Poor you.

I've been through that kind of thing at work several times - it's so scary. I'm glad that your position is safe. Hang in there.

Fortune Cookies said...

mandy- gas are awesome stoves... work was trippy, but I just go with the flow.

jessica-youre right! the good ones always get the axe first. no fair.
I'm disgusted over the politics in this country. It's nauseating. Literally sickening.

reb-Good point! but I do like cooking over flame...

anndi-my fingers say thanks! I think we're all at the end of our threshold for Washington.

fiwa-thanks! my fingers will survive. they are feeling better thanks for the thoughts from all of yall!
those work situations are to be expected in corporate environments, but it's rattling, none the less. especially in these times.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

your poor fingers!
our old electric has tricky burners too....

pabees said...

How are the blisters? Hope they are healing up for you!
Pete knows not to talk politics with me, I just pick the other side, no matter what he is trying to argue. It is more fun that way! No one answers the questions, except for the one posed to Palin and Biden about same sex marriages. They are both against it. They had to pick that subject to unequivically voice their opinions!

Fortune Cookies said...

gary-lets ban all old electric stoves with wonky burners!

pabees- HA! I'd like to be a fly on the wall for those conversations :)The fingers are getting better. one is still kinda funky. Just remember one key difference between Palin and Biden on gay marriage, Biden only said he didn't want to make the church recognize it but does want the state to, Palen wants a constitutional amendment redefining marriage to be "one man, one woman". I'm actually writing a paper on this topic for school, with the thesis being
"Because a real and definitive difference exists between religious and civil marriage,this word is actually being redefined by those who call for it to be constitutionally defined as "one man, one woman".

Karen said...

Your poor fingers. I have a gas stove and I love it. I have never used an electric stove. I don't think they are common in this area.

Sorry about your boss. Good luck.