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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Obama!

calling him a "transformational figure." He listed several reasons for his choice, among them:
1. Obama's response to the economic crisis vs McCain's erratic response
2. Obama's ability to reach a broad spectrum of classes, races, and parties
3. Obama's rhetorical ability and his substance
4. Palin's lack of preparedness for the office
5. McCain's smears vs Obama's substance and rising above the smear tactics.
6. The danger of two more conservatives on SCOTUS
7. The attacks on Muslims, and that Obama is not a Muslim, but even if he were, the question we should be asking is , so what? One's religion does not dictate one's ability to be president of the United States.
I was especially happy to hear him mention that aspect, this is the same discussion I had with my father the other day. My father insists that Obama is a Muslim, and in fact is not African-American, but Arab-American and that in itself is in my father's mind, enough to disqualify Barack from being the president. I say that is an extremely racist view. Not to mention showing extreme religous predjudice.
As Obama rakes in the endorsements, from the left and the right alike, I hope those on the fence still take notice and really pay attention to the words of people like Colin Powell, who are highly respected and whos'e opinions and ideas are cherished by a spectrum of politicos across the world.

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It is unfortunate that racism and religious intolerance rear their ugly heads when it should be about the capabilities of the person.

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Chatty said...

I know - isn't this excellent? A really high profile Republican (to say the least) backing Obama for so many nice, SPECIFIC reasons. I love it.