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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"One more card in that deck against prejudice and discrimination"

It has been an extremely long, uphill battle for gays and lesbian workers in Tennessee, but finally this past Tuesday, city council passed a sexual orientation anti-discrimination bill.

Sure, it does nothing to help people like me with who've experienced situations like that annoying firing by that employer who told me "We're a Christian organization, we just can't have a lesbian working here", because this bill only applies to Metro employees. It prohibits discrimination of Metro employees based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Bill proponent Holly Spann said it well when she said "This is one more card in that deck against prejudice and discrimination."

Still, in my opinion, this bill falls short: It does not provide medical or pension benefits for same-sex partners. But we're making baby steps here. And I aim to celebrate all baby steps.

I know I should just be happy for these baby steps that Tennessee is making, and leave it at that, but I'm also concerned for the amount of time it is taking her to learn to take those steps.

Progress rather than perfection...I'm trying to keep that in mind.

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Camlin said...

These are human rights we're talking about, and no one should be discriminated against.

It's a bit different up here - the Canadian human rights code specifically prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation. Don't get me still happens. There was a local case that happened about a year ago where a woman who worked at a "Christian" group home was fired because she was open about her sexuality. She took her former employers to court and won - a fair amount of money.