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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lookin' and Leapin'

We're working like a well oiled machine around our house, I must say. We have our tasks, and each of us do them independently, contributing to the overall success of a peaceful and harmonious home life.
I cook, Wifester does dishes.
She carries in the groceries, I put them away.
I load the dishwasher, she unloads it.
Our system works well for us, and we like it.
That is, our system worked well for us until yesterday. Normally, Wifester takes the trash out, and I bring the can back to the house after the people come and haul away our garbage.
I had been cleaning out a closet yesterday, and ended up with a garbage bag full. So as I rushed out to place it in the can before the men came, I realized I was too late. Oh well, I thought, I can go ahead and bring the can back to the house. As I flipped the lid, I noticed a piece of paper stuck to the lid with a sticker or something, and a hand written note of some sort, but disregarded it and chucked in my trash bags. When I pulled the lid back down and retrieved the note, I was mortified to find what it read:

You know my theory on spiders, right? They are all waiting in hiding to kill humankind. They are. Don't laugh. THEY ARE.
I'm quite grateful to the kind men who left me the note, let me tell you that!
So my next dilemma was whether or not to move the trash can back to it's spot by my house, bringing the little killers closer to me and my family, or leave it out by the curb, not fulfilling my end of the trash duties. I moved the can. With knees buckling and fight or flight reaction in full force, I moved the damned can.

When the Wifester got home from work, I told her my story.
Her: "I'll have to spray the can out with that spider spray. There's nothing in there, right?"
Me: "Yeah, I threw in the trash bag."
Her: "What'd you do that for? Are you gonna reach in and pull that bag out?"
Me: "Hell NO! I had already thrown the bag in before I read the note."
Her: "And that's a perfect analogy for the difference between you and I. You leap. I look. What if that note had said that there was a bomb in the trash can?"
Me: "I guess I'd be all over the driveway, along with the spiders."

I guess the Wifester is right, that is a pretty good analogy for the two of us. She looks, I leap.
What are you? A looker or a leaper?

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Jay said...

I look, think to myself "Don't leap!" and then I leap.

Marsha said...

I guess it depends on the situation as to whether I'm a looker or leaper, it really does. Oh, and my level of medications at the time. During treatment I was neither a looker or leaper, but a sleeper. LOL.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

HOLY CATS I am glad I don't live in probably have man eating snakes too.

Camlin said...

I look, and I look, and I think to myself,"I'd better jump," but sometimes I never do.

Robin said...

I used to just leap and push on through like a bull in a china shop dealing with the consequences or fall-out if there was any. Now that I'm older and wiser :-), I have learned to slow down a bit and actually look before I leap. I'm still a leaper, just a smarter leaper.