No More Empty Fortune Cookies!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poetry and Cake

I have a new poem, check it out at my Poetry Blog...

and I posted a new recipe at my Cooking Blog

And did I tell you what I did last night? On Thanksgiving Eve-Eve? I bumped into the baker's rack and caused some random objects to crash to the floor, among them was one casualty, only one. BUT... it was my handy chopper! MY HANDY CHOPPER!
Two days before Thanksgiving, I kill my handy chopper! OY VEY!
Guess who'll be hand dicing a ton of celery, onions, carrots, and everything else?

4 cookies cracked:

Karen said...

Do you a huge food processor? I don't use mine regularly, but this would be the time to break it out. I have zero patentice for chopping.

Good luck!

Jay said...

It might be time for an emergency trip to Target!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jessica said...

I had a little chopper, but it never worked quite right. I went back to doing doing everything by hand! :) Have a happy Thanksgiving! :) Didn't know that you have a cooking blog--I'll check it out.

Logan Lamech said...

Universal truth, things only break when you really need them.

Logan Lamech