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Sunday, January 12, 2014

My brain has it's own thought bubble

                  cyst                                   meningioma

My tumor (image on the right) kind of looks like a cartoon thought bubble. I suppose that's apropos, since it resides in my brain. The neuro doc showed it to me the other day, and honestly, I was taken a little bit aback by it. For some reason I thought it would be a teeny-tiny little speck. Pea sized, they had said. Huh. The other doc had shown me a pic, but that one was from a different angle, and didn't show it as clearly as these do. That was an ordeal in itself, seeing this neuro. See, my appointment to see him had been scheduled for this past Friday. That was before I started working. So on Thursday I called to see if I could get the appointment changed, and the next available appointment was not until April, and I was cool with that, but the lady on the phone said, "Well, the doctor really wanted to see you before that. Can you come in today?"
I knew I was scheduled to see him specifically to discuss my meningioma, and her tone truly worried me. I went in that day only to find out that he just wanted to ease my mind. I'll take that. I told him how the scheduling lady had made me anxious, and he once again reassured me that this is not really something to be too concerned with right now, so I'm trying to trust that. Does it make me a dick that I keep thinking about it and worrying that maybe the doctor is wrong? Maybe it IS something to worry about...I don't feel bad. I don't feel like I have a tumor in my brain. Or a cyst, for that matter. But it's a bit of a nagging little echo in the back of my mind, "You have a brain tumor."
Sigh. I suppose all I can do is roll with it and see where this goes as we get there.

Anywhoodle, all of that aside, I got a job!
I am still in training, which will last for 3 weeks, and then I'll officially be a Tier II Technical Support Rep for a software company (I can't really name names publicly, ya know). And I get to work totally from home! They supplied me with the equipment I needed to have access to their systems, and even supplied me with a phone and headset to use. I'm happy that I can once again do a little bit of work and bring in some extra cash-flow. I'll only be part time, and that's perfect for me. My eyes can't keep up with the demands of full time work, especially work that requires so much eyes glued to the monitor time.

So wish me luck in my newest endeavor!

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