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Monday, February 25, 2013

I have a beef with that

Here's the thing. The Wifester is allergic to beef. Honestly allergic. She has anaphylaxis when she ingests it. Trust me, I've seen it. I've had to give her that Epi-shot. It's not pretty. And people die from allergic reactions every day. So beef is out of the picture for her. She chooses not to eat pork because people who are allergic to beef have an increased risk of becoming allergic to pork. So she just avoids both, just to be safe. Me on the other hand, I don't have any allergy to them, and I don't have any religious restrictions. I simply choose not to eat beef or pork. Not that I don't, once every other year or so taste something that has either beef or pork in it, because I will. And I don't go around calling myself a vegetarian, because I'm not. And I don't lecture other people about their meat-eating habits, or make a big deal about it. That's just silly.
Really, I just stay away from beef and pork for two main reasons:

1. Personally, I've seen too many pigs and cows in line at the slaughter house. I've seen what I perceive to be fear, terror, and sadness on their faces. I can't get that out of my mind. And I acknowledge it is simply my own perception. I'm not asking anyone to agree with me or to change their mind to match my own opinion. You are entitled to your opinion, just like I am entitled to mine.

2. Neither beef or pork are the healthiest food sources for a person who has my family's history of heart disease. I'd like to keep my arteries clear, thank you very much.

Now, I'd never harass you for eating that steak or bacon. In fact, I may drool just a bit as you chow. I know, that stuff tastes like heaven in your mouth. I get it. But I, for my health and for my own personal conscience, choose not to eat those foods, at least not on any sort of regular basis. But on that rare occasion, when I push past the guilt and do taste some delectable that someone cooked with either beef or pork, there is always someone to speak up with that contrived, exaggerated tone, like they are simply aghast at the thought of me putting one bite of a dish that contains beef or pork into my mouth. You know, that "Whaaaat?! YOU are eating THAT? You do know it has MEAT in it, don't you?", or "But I thought you were a vegetarian? What happened to that??", or any number of other offensive snide remarks of similar tone.

I hate that. More than hate it, I detest it.

I mean, I'd understand if I was one of those meat-bashing, you-are-disgusting-for-eating-meat kind of douches. But I'm not. Never have been. Not once in my life have I ever acted like I was too good to eat beef or pork. Never once have I acted like I am right and you are wrong about the issue. I keep to myself and mind my own. If someone asks me about it, I tell them what I just outlined above, in items 1 and 2. So really, there is no reason to act as though I am committing some kind of blasphemy or being a hypocrite. I don't know why it even matters to you, what I eat or don't eat. No one goes all nutso about me drinking a tea instead of a coffee every now and again.

I mean, seriously, who the hell cares about those things?

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I'm With Stupid said...

I promise to never eat a bacon double cheeseburger in front of you. Unless, I'm just really, really hungry. ;-)


Fortune Cookies said...

No Jay! Don't deny me the chance to enjoy that bacon double cheeseburger vicariously through you! I promise not to drool and stare, at least not as much as my dog will...

Jessica said...

People need to mind their own business! I try not to eat much meat, and when I do it's normally chicken or turkey. (mostly for my health) I have a friend who is Vegan and I love to chat with her because we are both really sensitive about the harsh way animals are treated. I love hearing her incites and she never judges me.