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Monday, July 13, 2009

Sunday Feelings Check , A Day Late

Well, Sunday came and went, and I totally spaced out on my blog posting obligations. Don't feel shunned, I spaced out everything yesterday. I totally put off school and work until the very last second. As a matter of fact, I had to set my alarm and get up at 4 am today just to finish some work and write a paper for my Sociology class.
Now here it is 9am and I'm yawning and ready for bed already!

It hasn't helped that around here, the Fourth of July apparently never ended. The incessant barrage of screeching bottle rockets and projectile explosives has continued nightly since about a week or two before the fourth. I wonder when it will ever end? In case you are new around here, HERE's my post from last year about why I hate the fourth of July. I guess it's a bit of residual PTSD, I donno, but it drives me nuts and makes me nervous wreck. But I'm just weird that way, I suppose.

Sotomayor's confirmation hearings start today. So far, from what I gather from the trusty news guys and gals at FOX, is that she's a racist, empathetic, liberal, feminist.
Lets start with accusation #1. "She's a racist!" If that's not the pot calling the kettle black, I sure don't know what is. Besides, what she said was not racist in the least bit. I totally agree with her, any person with her background, education, and life experience would be better equipped to make judgments than someone who has not had those same life experiences, education, and background.
I just love how one segment of a statement can be taken out of context and construed into a completely different meaning than it was ever intended. But that's what politics are all about. The great spin cycle. I think most people are smarter than to fall for that one.
#2. Empathy. When did this become such a bad word? I thought empathy was a good thing to be in possession of. Especially when you are in a position to directly affect the lives of so many people. I think that if Ms. Sotomayor has an abundance of empathy, we could all learn from her. When I worked at the phone company, we had special classes on a regular basis to coach us on our empathy and empathetic statements. We held long discussions on the importance of empathy in our society and how a little bit of empathy goes a long way in negotations. I think maybe some of our world leaders could take a queue from the empathetic Sonia Sotomayor.
I think so much of empathy, that I wrote a paper on it, even posted a variation of it to my blog a while back, for you guys to read. Here, check it out.

#3's and 4 I will group together. How many conservative, male Supreme Court Justices do we have right now? N'uff said.

Fireworks, homework, Sociology papers on the detremental effects that the lack of health care causes to our society, worries about our failing economy, my own personal lack of health care...all of these are why today's feelings check video is one of my all time favorite bands, one of my all time favorite songs:

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Karen said...

Calling her a racist is probably a bit much, but what she said is just wrong. If a Justice Scalia said "As a white man from an Italian background my views are better than a Latino woman's views," there would be NO DOUBT that he would be called a racist (and a sexist). If she truly thinks that highly of herself, she probably deserves more from her life than service the public.

With regard the empathy, it is not the Courts job to be sympathetic to individuals. It is their job to apply the laws enacted by the other two branches of government. Checks and Balances. Not Hugs and Roses.

Lady Justice is supposed to be blind - not empathetic and racially superior.

Fortune Cookies said...

Karen - you said " With regard the empathy, it is not the Courts job to be sympathetic to individuals." Which is the same response I hear mimicked across the board from those who oppose her. What I have to say to that is empathy and sympathy are not one in the same and having an empathetic nature does not equate to being a hugs and kisses liberal. It only means that you are able to place yourself in the shoes of another and relate to their situation.

Jay said...

It's just another dog and pony show from our distinguished members of the senate. They will be tossing out all the code words to their rapid bases to be sure to keep everyone stirred up.

Aunt Jackie said...

I love the Ramones by the way! :))

I agree with Jay...

Anyways, thanks again for the inspirational e-mail!! I hope I can get my arse in gear!

:) Send me creative vibes.

Anonymous said...

Surprise! Turns out that white + male = neutrality. Go figure.

[shakes head sadly]