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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Of Vet Bills and Missing Pieces

I keep looking at adoptable pups on And And every other rescue site I come across.
I'm ready to adopt another dog. The Wifester is ready to adopt a new dog. But the sad truth is that until we finish paying back The Wifester's mom for The Sunny Dog's surgery, we simply can't do it, partly because we just wouldn't feel right taking on that financial responsibility until the other financial responsibility has been relieved, and partly because The Wifester's mom has repeatedly expressed how vehemently she is against it. I know it wouldn't be right, but gosh, there's a hole in my heart that just can't be filled- an ache in my soul that can only be healed by loving and being loved by another fur-baby.
I know no other can replace The Sunny Dog.
I know I will still miss her.
But I also know that my pain will be less and my joy will be more with the feelings that come from rescuing a pup in need. And what better way is there to honor The Sunny Dog's memory than to share some of the love that she so freely shared with us all?
I miss my dog.
And missing her makes me miss my cat, long passed- Max.
I know one day I'll have to say goodbye to Sally, too, and to whoever comes next, but that's all part of the total experience, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world.

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Heather Mae said...

Although I agree that it would not be too kosher to adopt until you have paid back your debt to the MIL, I respectfully suggest that that is the extent of her input as to wether or not you get another fur baby? I don't know her reasons, but if she knows how much you and Macey loved and ENJOYED Sunny, how could she not want that for you and some helpless animal. Maybe she doesn't want to see y'all get hurt again? Regardless, the payoff is worth the loss in the end. Just my opinion of course. And some animals you just don't get over. Ever. RIP Oliver. :(

Fortune Cookies said...

Agreed. And respectfully, whether anyone else approves or not, just as soon as the credit card bill has been settled in full we will be adopting another pup. Period. It just seems like an eternity before that massive bill will be off of our backs. I say, if your dog dies during surgery, you shouldn't have to pay for that surgery. (just joking...mostly)

Fortune Cookies said...

but I must admit, the vet did adjust the bill and deducted a pretty decent chunk of it...though a decent chunk off of a truly enormous bill still leaves a massive debt to recover from. lol