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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a ride

What a ride life can be, eh? I mean, one minute you're coasting along, all's right with the world, and in an instant everything can change.
One of my best friends ever since around the 8th grade is sitting by her daughter's side at in the ICU, while her daughter's father is down the hall in another room, and his fiance' is laying in the morgue.
Why? Why do these things happen?
I talked to the daddy yesterday, who I have also maintained a friendship with for nearly 20 years, and he has the survivor's guilt thing happening pretty badly. He is grieving the loss of the love of his life, wondering how he will ever get along without her, worried about the astronomical hospital bills that are sure to come for his daughter and him, and most of all concerned about his daughter's future. Next to the family dog and his fiance', neither of which survived, the daughter is who suffered the most injuries. Head on collisions are not known for their delicate nature, and this one certainly was nothing if not violent.
There they are, riding in the slow lane of a 6 lane highway, when some kid coming around a curve veers straight at them. No time to react. No time to say goodbyes.
I don't know how I would handle the situation, were I in his place, in my friend, the daughter's mother's place. I honestly don't.
It is a comfort to them now, that mom and dad have been able to maintain a true friendship since their divorce. One needs all the friends they can find at times like these.
I keep thinking about the daughter...16 years old, laying in the ICU, broken pelvis and now missing her spleen, a good portion of her small intestines, and several inches of her large intestines. And finding out her dog and her step-mom are no longer here.
I keep thinking about all the photos my friend sends me of this daughter playing basketball, volleyball, cheerleading...How deeply will the rest of her life be impacted by this split second incident.
What a ride life can be.

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Karen said...

I have been thinking about your friends since you mentioned on FB that they needed prayers/good vibes. Now that I know the story, I will be sending more prayers and healing thoughts. Sometimes life is just totally unfair and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Tonight, I stop by after finding out about Scott's wife, and read this.
Life isn't fair,m and sometimes it downright sucks.
May your friends find peace and love with their support group. I'm glad you are one of that number.
~Karen (formerly kcinnova)