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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I hold history in my hands

A few months back, my parents gave me the diary of my great aunt. She's the one who reunited me with my parents. She kept this diary updated daily for five years! Well, minus a few months in that fifth year. Her diary spans the almost 5 years between January 1, 1936 and September 1, 1940. She was just a sophomore in high school when she started this diary. She recorded not only her own personal history, but she captures the history of our country in the midst of the Great Depression. I feel honored to have it, and I have cherished the privilege granted me to read it. My great aunt was my grandmother's sister. Her husband was my grandfather's brother. It's quite a cute story, how these two sisters met two brothers and how everyone fell in love and eventually married. This diary highlights that story, up to just about a month after my grandma and grandpa had my uncle, their first child, which itself is another very interesting story. I've learned things about my grandmother, grandfather, and great aunt and uncle that I would have never known had it not been for this diary. I've developed an even deeper appreciation and respect for each of these people who helped shape and form my life. I have found a better understanding of them, and a realization that they truly understood me much more than I ever knew.
Everyone has a story to tell. I encourage you to dig out your family heirlooms and look for that diary of your deceased relative. You may just be shocked at what you find. I was.

one of my favorite entries, which I think just captures my aunt's persona perfectly:

December 31, 1939 - Well diary, another year and you and I are still friends. So much has happened this year. One thing, I fell in love, I'm sure! Come on 1940, I'm ready!

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Tommy said...

What a blessing to have that diary! I treasure the packet of poetry and writings of my paternal grandmother, given to me by my father after her death.

Anonymous said...

Ooops, another family member was signed into the Google account! Really, it was me commenting.

Fortune Cookies said...

haha! I was wondering who Tommy was ;)
It really is wonderful to have this diary! I cherish it!

Reb said...

That is so cool that you have her diary. I like the entry that you shared with us too.