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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The News

The only home that our species has ever known

is being poisoned, pillaged and mauled in the name of Almighty Capitalism…

I watch helplessly on the sidelines, day after day

While plumes of insidious, thick muck makes its way

through once viable waters and drifts ashore

Bringing with it dead fish…

…dead turtles…

…dead birds…

My heart feels as heavy as the oil is thick

and there is still not end in sight.

I cry for the lives lost

The lives changed

The past that can never be recovered.

I wonder how we move forward from this tragedy

I wonder how we prevent a recurrence…

My simplistic ruminating serves no purpose to anyone

Except maybe to remind me that I need to stop watching the news.


Angela J. Schleicher ©2010

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Camlin said...

No, we can't stop watching the news. As much as I wish I could, I also need to know, need to see, need to understand what's happening in this world so that I can do my tiny bit to change it.