No More Empty Fortune Cookies!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There's another empty house on our street. For such a small cul-de-sack, the occupied home to empty home ratio is precariously teetering in unfavorable ways these days.
I would just shrug my shoulders and say meh, but I want our house to sell. I like to try to look at the positive aspect of all things, and so far, the best positive aspect I can find is that at least there won't be 4 or 5 cars parked in the yard of that house (as was always the case before they vacated it) when people come to look at this house. On the down side I am not seeing any for sale sign, no for rent sign. No sign of anyone doing any renovations before placing that house on the market. Nada.

From all I can tell, that house has been, much like so many others, simply abandoned.

I'm not really sure which is better, a neglected, abandoned yard or one with 5 cars parked all akimbo across it.
I worry for my community, seeing so many empty houses.
I worry for my future. I worry.

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Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

Good luck with that. I know the market hasn't been fairing well.

:-( Keep fingers on one hand crossed and whisper a prayer into the other.

Jay said...

Maybe you and your neighbors can get together and mow the lawn and stuff to keep the neighborhood looking nice. I know you're trying to sell and that house will be on the market too, but if the yard grows wild it will hurt your house's value too.

Fortune Cookies said...

Farmer's Wife - Thanks!
Jay - yeah, we'll be taking care of yards...only problem is at this point, we - the collective neighbors - are taking care of more empty yards than occupied. It's to the point now of almost every second house sitting empty, needing tlc...